What’s your art?

My mission is to reach the Artist within you.

What makes YOU an Artist is not what makes me an Artist. So, what is art?

Trying to define art is like trying to catch a butterfly with baseball mitt while bouncing on a trampoline. It’s meaning is subjective and as changeable as the artists and observers.

The word ‘art’ typically refers to the expression of creativity through literature, performance, and visual media. Let’s EXPAND that definition of art, and state that beyond just your EXPRESSION of creativity, it’s also about your EXPERIENCE, and your EXPLORATION and your in whatEVER you do, as long as you are applying certain artistic principles. True artistry can be achieved within any field or practice, so long as you activate each of the 10 basic principles of artistry. What are those principles, you ask?

Please Think about each of the following ’P’ words and take a moment to ask yourself if and when you already apply them: PASSION ,PERSONALIZATION, PLEASURE , PRESENCE, PRIDE, PROBLEM SOLVING, PROCESS, PRODUCTION , PROFICIENCY & PURPOSE.

I’ve personally observed and categorized these principles over decades of studying, practicing, and teaching art, as well as in just in daily life. When I’ve applied the following principles of artistry to other aspects of my life such as my career in tech sales, parenting and relationships, I’ve experienced better results and a more enjoyable experience.

It’s not by chance that I start with passion, for it is the rocket fuel that blasts us into action.

  • PASSION — Are you passionate about what you are doing? Do you care and have strong emotions about it? Art is not exclusively for people with specific types of talents, however it is exclusive to the passionate.
  • PERSONALIZATION — Do you add your own personal touch or flair? One man’s trash is another mans masterpiece. It’s about both WHAT you do and HOW you do it.
  • PLEASURE — Do you enjoy what you do? Do you feel good when doing it?
  • PRESENCE — Are you fully present? Do you get immersed in the experience?
  • PRIDE — Are you proud of what you do and how you do it?
  • PROBLEM SOLVING — Do you help create solutions to various challenges?
  • PROCESS — Do you have a methodology that you regularly use? Artistry is a mindset that can be activated during any activity, from talking on the telephone to planning a party. Countless books have been written on ‘the art of’ various subjects, from ‘the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ to ‘the Art of War’. Art is not only the final product like a painting or song. The REAL ‘art’ is in the application of certain principles within your daily practices.
  • PRODUCTION — Are you actively engaged in creating a final product?
  • PROFICIENCY — Are you building skills and mastering your craft?
  • PURPOSE — Is there a greater reason behind what you are doing?

Can you picture how your life would be different if you consistently applied these fundamentals of art to to your daily routine?

How different would you feel about your daily work if your listened more to the voice of your inner artist in your role as a builder, as a collections agent, as an engineer and as an operations manager? You can also flow as an artist in your role as a parent, a grandparent, a pet owner, as a walker, as a friend, and of course, as a Toastmaster.

Now that your artistic wheels are turning, I challenge you all to make it a daily practice to nurture your Artists within, and to keep your creative juices flowing. Take pride in EVERYTHING you do!



Who am I? Father, husband, Renaissance man. I sell technology and supplies to organizations nationwide. I love to draw, paint, write, photograph, drum & orate.

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