Some will. Some won’t. — A poem about cold-calling

Some will. Some won’t.

by Alan Schwartz

Some will answer your call and they’ll love you right away.

Some will act as if your phone call just ruined their entire day.

Some will warmly smile and talk and laughingly they’ll play.

Some will give you thirty seconds to say what you have to say.

Some won’t ever believe a single word that you might speak.

Some will ask you if you can please call them back next week.

Some will give you honest feedback about your sales technique.

Some will send you to the voicemail of the person that you seek.

Some could really use your help! You can hear it in their tone.

Some seem like they were born without a single funny bone.

Some gatekeepers will let you in and point you to the throne.

Some will rush you off in seconds while others love the phone.

Some will start out business-like then warm up when you jest.

Some will check your follow through by putting you to the test.

Some will avoid your every call because they think you are a pest.

Some will gladly work with you, they think you are the best!

Some are always looking to find a product somewhere cheaper.

Some are loyal once they trust that they have found a keeper.

Some are really interested in getting to know you deeper.

Some would love to help but they must follow the procedure.

Some will and some just won’t. That’s just the way it works.

Some will be your best friend and others may act like jerks.

Some will one day talk your ears off and another day be terse.

Some will truly care about you and they are the job’s best perks.



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